Where to begin?

I keep getting stuck on what I want to achieve with this blog and then I just end up writing nothing. I don’t know if I should write in English or Swedish, or both. I don’t know if I should write more in a more academic language and less in an every-day voice. I have no idea if I should try and write for a certain group or individual. But when all is said and done I always come back to the point of why do I want to write in the first place. Because I want to share my thoughts on all kinds of stuff, big and small. And it doesn’t matter if my audience is one person or a thousand. The joy of internet is that text will eventually find a home. And when I start thinking about building a home on the internet I smile.

Just like my physical home I want it to be a place where you are invited in for a conversation, where we can share ideas and thoughts and possibly make plans. What kind of plans you may ask? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. But I do know that I want a home, a space, that is friendly and welcoming. And is open to constructive criticism and appreciation. Where we can have completely opposite opinions and still find a common ground where we are heard and where we listen to each other. Since I am the only one living in this home at the moment I will start by sharing my quirky and fantastical thoughts on things that cross my path and that I think will be fun and important to share with the world. When writing this I already feel that I have answered my questions of voice and style. I will figure that out along the way. The important thing for me now is to write.

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