Resurrection lands

Resurrection Lands is a new online game about the effects of Trans Tourism and how to protect those who are most at risk of being erased by history. Here speculative fiction is used to re-imagine those from the past that we have lost. The act of crafting Pro Black and Trans environments can help us visualise futures that seek to appreciate Black-Trans existence.”

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley is the artist who has made this game. Their works predominantly in animation, sound, performance and Video Games to communicate the experiences of being a Black Trans person.

I don’t recall how I encountered this game but I’m glad I did. The game elements are text-based and filled with a lot of animation elements. The game has this kind of old school 90s game design look with a lot of patterns, intense neon colour and text flying around all over the place. It has a quite unique way of orienting around the concept of archiving. The game designer seeks to create a space where black trans people are not only made visible and heard but also enabled as part of an alternative future environment. Walking through the game I encounter animations and a distorted voice-over reading the large text placed in front of the animation. I kind of longed for personal stories from black trans people and was looking for more information on the discourse of black trans person but I didn’t find this within the game. The game is an eye opener, a place for thought-provoking interaction with the black trans community and a really amazing art piece. Keep an open mind.

You can find the game here: